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        Motex Group was established in 1978, it has been dedicating in research, development, manufacturing, and marketing medical gloves. In these decades, Motex is comprised of perfect quality, superior efficiency and outstanding service to satisfy customer's requirements.

About us
        Shanghai Motex healthcare Co., Ltd, part of Motex group, was established in December 1995. It is located in the suburbs of Shanghai, 17 km from western Shanghai downtown.

Shanghai Motex is specialized in manufacturing a diverse range of medical gloves including natural rubber latex surgical gloves, Synthetic (Nitrile) surgical gloves and Synthetic (Nitrile) examination gloves with certifications in ISO13485, ISO 9001, EN455, ASTM D3577, CE, and FDA. 

Mocare Health Co., Ltd. C the rising star of medical glove industry.

Founded in Taiwan in 2013, Mocare Heath Co., Ltd. is the newly established overseas marketing team of its experienced medical glove manufacturing company - Shanghai Motex and upcoming Motex Healthcare Anhui; the latter, which will be established in 2015, is going to increase our capacity of latex surgical and Nitrile surgical / examination gloves, and it will also make PI (Polyisoprene) gloves available in our product line.

In order to prepare us for the next step toward being one of the leading medical gloves manufacturer in the world, we have a group of enthusiastic and innovative staff united here with the aim of extending Motex brand worldwide; and we all share the same slogan: More Care, More Health!

Motex offers satisfying service and has great reputation for outstanding quality latex surgical gloves and Nitrile surgical/examination gloves with certification of ISO 13485, ISO 9001, EN455, ASTM D-3577, CE, and FDA to meet customers expectation.

Now Mocare Heath is ready to set a new standard in disposable medical glove industry and share the outcome with our precious customers, come and join us to march toward the future together.

Businesses Philosophy

  • Striving for perfect quality, superior efficiency and outstanding service to satisfy customer's requirements.
  • Expanding global cooperation and motivating team spirit with continuous innovation to achieve excellence.
  • Pursuing a greener environment and improving world healthcare levels to benefit mankind.

Multi-level Quality Control
Shanghai Motex products are the natural outcome through the company's strict multi-level quality control system, complying with international cleanliness and safety standards.
All operation in the manufacturing process from material's handing, production and packaging are subject to numerous inspections and five main stages of quality control to ensure that every Motex glove is flawlessly manufactured.
Shanghai Motex Healthcare Co., Ltd, an international GMP manufacturer, has accomplished various recognitions on ISO9001/2 EN4600 1/2 and CE mark as well as US FDA regulations. All our products have surely been made in accordance with the request of global environmental protection.

About our Logo
At Motex, we possess both the capacity and the drive to manufacture quality healthcare products that are environmentally friendly. Our logo embodies both our passion for healthcare and our desire to protect the environment--the Earth, is encircled by a green ring, symbolizing health and vigor. Our slogan "more care, more health" describes our mission--promoting a spirit of innovation and enterprise with the ultimate goal of improving healthcare internally.

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